Ru Rose

Ru is a woman, her life is her art, and her art is born from the homestead.

Ru sings, catches songs, plays acoustic guitar and the shruti box alongside her musical family and dear friends within the Sinixt tum-ula7xw of British Columbia. She is currently recording the debut album ‘Old Growth Child’. Ru is creating original artwork for the album as well as a handful of artful live-recorded music videos directed and produced by her and her life partner, Kai Cabodyna.

Ru comes from a mixed ancestry including peasant Ukrainian, French-Canadian and turtle-island indigenous/Métis. At 21 years old Rü was fresh out of university, deeply broken hearted while living and working as an architectural designer in NYC. It was in her cramped apartment in NYC that she began teaching herself guitar chords to sing along. She found her singing and plucking her catharsis and path for healing. This was the beginning.

A sensitive soul, wild creature, and literal treehugger, Rü was quick to feel her life force energy draining while working in an office on a computer within large cities and decided to travel around the world, a ukulele strapped to her backpack, to immersed her self with natural building, permaculture, community living and how to grow food. She lived in Nepal for over a year setting up gardens and painting large public art murals among locals. Upon returning to Canada she met her life partner Kai, a fellow lover of all things regenerative and an artist/musician himself - they began painting murals and jamming together, and planning their urban exodus. Two soon became three and they were devoted to walk steadfast in the direction of simplicity and resiliency in stride with nature - thus they began creating an off-grid family homestead to raise their son in the backwoods of the Kootenays of British Columbia.

While Ru was pregnant with their son, the songs began to come. The following many years she would catch songs, sing to the woods, to her son, and to the goats she would shepherd. She began gathering with woman and singing earth-based circle songs and it was in those moments of rapture with woven harmonies with other women that Rü knew her voice as her most sacred gift and offering. Stewarding the songs and bringing them to life became part of her initiation, part of her healing journey, part of the uncovering her innate worthiness to be so bold to sing and share these songs that chose her (for they spoke loud and clear that they were not only for her and the goats). The songs that Ru has midwifed into this world are a prayer for this Earth, they hold her grief and her praise and encompass the grounded and initiatory journey of building their house and homestead from the ground up. The songs of Rü are a precious treasure, a somatic experience and call to be shared for the future generations to come. Her haunting, quivering, mountain-folk voice and visionary lyrics call you to remember, to return to the land, and to your own indigenous soul.

Ru now has 2 albums worth of original songs with the first album due to be released in 2024. Ru's songs are often musically supported by a vast array of talented musicians including her life partner Kai Cabodyna on acoustic bass, jimbay and banjo, and a soul-sister Vanessa Deverell singing support vocals, as well as her Son, Indiana Cabodyna on percussion. All the sounds are played in 432Hz. The album will be recorded live-off-the-forest-floor, meaning - in nature, open air, creating and capturing the magic of the moment.

With life upon building and growing an off-grid homestead Rü keeps work on computers direct and intentional. Ru and her partner Kai tend to their growing community of patrons on Patreon sharing behind the scenes footage, intimacies of life on the homestead, of the making of the album and showcasing all things art, music and regenerative culture. To see more of Rü check out Cabodyna Craft on Patreon.